Monday, 27 October 2014

Summer Hockey year 5 and 6 Rules

Year 5 and 6 Summer hockey rules
Guidance around rules for year 5 and 6:
-        There is an expectation at this level that players have a understanding of the rules
-        Most infringements need to be penalised if you feel they have an impact on the game
-        If you make a decision be clear so that everyone around knows what decision you have made

Rules for year 5 and 6 summer hockey

1.     Players may not hit the ball, pushing only – penalised with a free push
2.     Players are not allowed to intentionally kick the ball – penalised with a free push
3.     Players may not chop and other players sticks to get the ball – penalised with a free push
4.     Players may not lift the ball in any way that makes it dangerous – penalised with a free push
5.     Players may not intentionally push the ball over the baseline – penalised with a free push taken back 5m from the baseline
6.     A foot or part of a person stopping a definite goal results in a penalty stroke.
a.     The ball must be pushed from a position 7 metres from the goal and hit between the marks on the backboard.
b.     A foot or part of a person interfering with the ball within 5 metres of the goal, but a goal would not have arisen is a free push 5 metres back from the baseline in line with where the infringement took place.
7.     If the ball crosses the baseline, and is not intentional, play is restarted with a 16 yard push to be taken 5m from the baseline in front of the goal
8.     Goals cannot be scored directly from a free push.
9.     A goal is scored when the ball crosses completely over the base line or hits the backboard
10.  Shots higher than the backboard will not be counted
a.     The exception to this is a ball deflected up into the goal by a defender
11.  If the ball crosses one of the side barriers a free push is awarded to the opposing team to the one that last touched the ball before going out.
12.  Games will start and end on the hooter with two halves separated by a short half time
13.  One adult from each team is permitted on the field in a guidance role only
14.  They must not influence or intimidate the umpire in any way

a.     If there are any issues please see the organisers in the pavilion

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