Thursday, 4 September 2014

Summer Sports Trials/Meetings

Summer Sports Trials/Meetings for our teams will be held on the following dates at lunchtime:

Friday 12th September - Teeball/Softball
Monday 15th September - Summer Hockey
Tuesday 16th September - Cricket
Wednesday 17th September - Touch Rugby
Thursday 18th September - Flipperball
Friday 19th September - Summer Soccer

This is for all children who are registered to play sport for Russell Street School. Please meet in the hall. Bring a drink bottle, appropriate shoes and hockey players will need to bring their sticks, shin pads and mouth guards.


Trials will be held when necessary to allocate positions into graded teams. Students will need to have registered and paid for their chosen sport/s to trial for our top teams. Students must attend trials to be legible for the top teams. Anyone may trial for a position in a top team. More than one trial may be necessary. If you are unable the attend for any reason, the sports coordinator must be notified before the trials commence. Selectors will consist of at least a relevant sports coach and a RSS member of staff.  Selectors will be looking for students who show sportsmanship, fitness, development potential and relevant sporting skills. Once the teams have been decided, the list will be displayed on the sports news board and team lists will be sent home with students.  Our A teams are competitive and at important games the coach may field his/her best players. All other teams are participation focused.

Good Luck!

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