Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Summer Hockey Teams Term One 2014

4-aside Tuesday
4-side Tuesday
Road Runners
6-side Tuesday
6 a-side Tuesday
6 a-side Tuesday

Keira M Rm3
Aaliah R Rm 5
Angus J Rm6
Telaina F Rm7
Abby I Rm6

Alessandra B Rm3
Cullen B Rm5
Hannah G Rm6
Bailey H Rm6
Braydon S Rm10

Clara O Rm3
Lydia G Rm10
Charlotte P Rm10
Jayde H Rm7
Ethan L Rm6

Florence SV Rm8
Matt L Rm3
Jack B Rm10
Isabella L Rm7
Emily S Rm6

Oliver D Rm 8
Bryah H Rm3
Eva C Rm7
Hannah B Rm7
Maya L Rm7

Sam H Rm8
Elliot B Rm5
George O Rm7
Jamie L  Rm7
Charlotte W Rm6

Tui Rm8

Mason J Rm7
Jada R Rm8

Two spots available
One spot available
Nikau Rm6

Practise: Tuesday lunchtime
Practise: Monday lunchtime
Practise: Monday lunchtime
Practise: Monday lunchtime

Coach: Matt D
Coach: Sheridon
Coach: Tracey G
Coach: Shiree A
Coach: Haley S & Mike I

Practice Coach: Shiree A
Practice Coach: Shiree A
Manager: Catherine L
Practice Coach: Shiree A

 Russell Street School Summer Hockey 2013/2014

6 a-side Tuesday
6-aside Tuesday
6-aside Wednesday
6-aside Wednesday
Emma M Rm7
Arisha A Rm6
Luke C Rm11
Kobe R Rm12
Finis Z Rm6
Thomas M Rm9
Ella O Rm11
Hunter M Rm11
Atlanta H Rm9
Tabitha C RM13
Sam J Rm13
Grace C Rm12
Zoey T Rm7
Max H Rm9
Emma B Rm12
Jade C Rm14
Ruby M Rm7
Connor D Rm9
Milania B Rm14
Liam B Rm14
Sophie B Rm13
Tom H Rm9
Reagan T Rm 14
Campbell W Rm14
Zara H Rm13
Quiana Rm9

Anna E Rm12
One Spot Available
One Spot Available
Two Spots available
Nathanael Z Rm12

Practise: Monday lunchtime

Co-Coach: Dion T
Coach: Bryn M
Coach: Sarah T
Coach: Clare D
Need another coach.
Manager Brooke P

Summer Hockey starts on Tuesday 18th/Wednesday 19th February and the final day for term 4 is on
Tuesday 25th /Wednesday 26th March.

Summer Hockey is played at the Twin Turfs on Manawaroa Street starting at 4pm, 4.30pm or 5pm.  Shin pads and mouth guards are compulsory and are not supplied by the school. The school has hockey sticks that can be loaned if required. 

* The Road Runners, Crows, Roosters & Redwings teams have moved up to the year 3-4 grade in term 1. This means that the teams have changed from a 4-aside to 6-side. 
* The Harriers team have moved up to the year 5/6 grade in term 1. This means they have moved from playing on a Tuesday afternoon to a Wednesday afternoon.

For more information and the draw please check out or

If you have any questions, please contact Mo. email: , txt 0274 331 594 or come in and see me in the Sport Office next to the Library.

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