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Cricket Information

Primary School Cricket Programme for 2013/14 Season

Dear Teacher in Charge of Cricket,

Manawatu Cricket is committed to trying to provide the best cricketing experience possible for all those involved in the game. The following is a summary of the format for Saturday morning cricket for the 2013/14 cricket season. Primary A and B Grade Saturday cricket will start on November 2nd, all Primary C Grade (Green, Red and Blue) will start on October 29th and Primary Gold Grade will start on November 1st. so please get your registrations in by Monday October 21st.

If you have any questions regarding the organisation of cricket please feel free to contact me. All this information is also available on our website – – along with all draws and ground allocations over the season.

A Grade
-11 a-side
-Traditional Cricket
-25 Overs
B Grade
-8 a-side
- Kiwi Cricket rules but played with a hard ball or incrediball
C Grade
Blue – Yr 3/4
Red – Yr 4/5
Green – Yr 5/6
-8 a-side Kiwi Cricket
- Played on a Tuesday Night at Manawaroa Park, 3:45pm
C Grade
Gold – Yr 2/3
-8 a-side Kiwi Cricket for beginners
- Played on a Tuesday Nigth at Manawaroa Park, 3:45pm

MCA Primary School Cricket Programmes

HAG centres will once again be formed under club names, however this year people will be able to choose the centre that best suits them. Therefore the centres will not be limited to school clusters and we hope this will remove any inconvenience for people unable to attend due to other commitments. We will continue with our 3 established centres – 2 in Palmerston North and 1 in Feilding.
HAG Programme will run from February (second week) – April (8 weeks).
HAG Coaching Courses will be run the week before the HAG programme starts at the Indoor Centre. We will also run another HAG Course in Feilding for Te Kawau and Feilding parents. Parent candidates will be sought from information gathered from HAG programme registrations.

Awareness Lessons
During October/November/December the Summer Squad will run Awareness Lessons at primary schools to promote the HAG Programme. The lessons are fun 30 minute, cricket based skill sessions for all 5-8 year olds at your school.

HAG Coaching Courses
We will be running two HAG courses – PN and Feilding – to up-skill parents in order to run the HAG Programme.
Kiwi Programme

Tuesday Afternoon Kiwi Cricket – C Grade Gold
This season we will be running a Tuesday afternoon Kiwi Cricket Competition at Ongley Park. This competition replaces the C Grade Gold Kiwi Cricket Competition and will run at 3:45pm at Ongley Park with the MCA coordinating some basic coaching and games for kids getting involved in cricket for the first time. This programme has been designed to give kids their first taste of cricket and give them the necessary skills to be able to play cricket in a higher grade. There will also be fun prizes and BBQ’s run for the whole family to come down and enjoy. This however will only be run in Term 4 so not to clash with ever popular HAG programme in Term 1.

School Kiwi Cricket
We will retain the traditional school Kiwi Cricket structure for the Green, Red and Blue grades for the 2013/14 season. However this will now be run on a Tuesday night at 3:45pm. All teams need to be at the ground by 3:30pm. Registration Packs will be sent to all schools by August 9th and all team registrations and database information needs to be in by October 21st.

Country Schools Kiwi Cricket Module
MCA will coordinate a Country Primary Schools Kiwi Cricket Module for selected areas to try and get them involved in cricket and hopefully lead to them entering teams in the Saturday morning competitions. Country schools will be targeted in the Feilding Area and the Fitzherbert Area. These schools will receive 6 weeks of coaching and then the programme will culminate in a Festival Day for all schools to take part in.

Kiwi Girls
This season we want to organise and conduct ‘Kiwi Girls’ Cricket’ Awareness Lessons for all girls as well as operate a ‘Kiwi Girls Cricket Centre’ for them to attend. Promotion lessons will be held during October and early November with the Kiwi Girls Cricket Centre starting in February. This is a 6 week module with skills and games as well as great cricket giveaways.

Schools Coaching Programme

In-Schools Coaching Programme – Primary and Intermediate
The In-Schools Coaching Programme will be offered to 4 Primary and Intermediate schools throughout the Manawatu. We will target 4 Primary and Intermediate Schools with A Grade Teams. Each school will receive 10 coaching sessions provided by the MCA throughout the cricket season. The coaching can be done during lunchtime, school time, or after school depending on the school’s requirements.
We will also develop an ‘In-Schools Training Programme’ that In-Schools coaches can use as a reference for their coaching. The document will include planned sessions that include drills and games that follow a logical sequence for the entire 10 week programme. These resources will also be distributed to the participating schools to use as part of their cricket programme.

All registration forms for the various competitions are attached. Please fill these in and get them in by the due date if you wish to be a part of any of the above competitions/programmes. Also, if you don’t have enough players for a full team then please contact me so we can try and find them opportunities with other school teams.
Good Luck with your cricket, we are here to help so please contact me should you have any queries. 


Dave Meiring
Development Manager
Manawatu Cricket Association

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