Monday, 4 March 2013

Summer Hockey Rules


This is a Social six-a-side Hockey Competition and Standard Hockey rules apply except:-
(a) No hits, the ball must be pushed only.

- A free push is awarded to the opposition on, or about the place a hit takes place.
  1. (b)  No Penalty Corners.
    • -  A foot or part of a person stopping a definite goal results in a free shot. The ball must be pushed from a position 7 metres from the goal and hit between the marks on the backboard.
    • -  A foot or part of a person interfering with the ball within 5 metres of the goal, but a goal would not have arisen is a free push 5 metres back from the baseline in line with where the infringement took place.
  2. (c)  All 16’s are taken at the top of the circle 5 metres from the baseline.
  3. (d)  No goalkeepers.
  4. (e)  Players may use the sideboards to bounce the ball.
  5. (f)  A goal is scored if it hits the backboard or stops fully over the line in the goal enclosure.
    Shots which are higher than backboard are not counted as a goal unless deflected up by a
  6. (g)  Substitutions subs must not enter the field of play until the person they are subbing has left
    the field.
    • -  Subs must enter the field from their own back line.
    • -  Teams may sub as often as they like so long as the team make-up on the field is
      adhered to.
  7. (h)  Barging or aggressive behaviour will not be permitted, nor will play deemed to be
    dangerous or likely to cause injury.
  8. (i)  The game will be played on a third of the field from normal sideline to normal sideline.
  9. (j)  Swearing on the field will not be tolerated.
  10. (k)  Lifted ball no lifted balls to eliminate an opponent unless it is a shot at goal. A shot at
    goal must always be lower than the height of the goal backboard.
  11. (l)  No penalty push can be directly scored from.
(m)Goals can be scored from anywhere on the field.
(NB: The organisers reserve the right to alter or change the rules during the tournament as the need arises.)
PO Box 1357, 6A Manawaroa Street, Palmerston North, New Zealand Telephone (06) 356 4562, Fax (06) 356 1797 Email
(a) Game Duration.
  • -  Games will start and finish at
    the sounding of the hooter.
  • -  Goals scored before or after this time will not be counted.
  • -  The umpire is the sole judge of half time, and may alter this depending on injuries, or
    other stoppages.
  • -  The hooters will allow for two 12 min halves and a 3 minute half time.
  • -  There will be a 3 minute period to allow teams to leave the field and for the next
    game to set up.
    The rules have been set to make the games as safe as possible while still making for an interesting competition. Further to this:
  1. (a)  Players are advised to wear mouth guards.
  2. (b)  Players whose teams aren’t currently playing must stay outside the fence area.
  3. (c)  Hockey Manawatu and the organisers will not accept any liability or responsibility for
    injury, medical expenses, damage or loss of property occasioned by participation in this competition.
The people umpiring the games help make this competition possible. While the rules are as clearly defined as possible, it is the umpire who will interpret them on the field.
(a) Abuse and harassment of umpires will not be tolerated
  • -  Disputing of umpire calls will result in a penalty.
  • -  Continued abuse will result in a yellow or red card being issued.
    (b) Interpretation.
- Questions over calls are to be handled by the captain only. Firstly by talking to the
umpire. If this is not satisfactory then disputes are to be referred to the Organiser for clarification after the game. The decision during the game will stand.
PO Box 1357, 6A Manawaroa Street, Palmerston North, New Zealand Telephone (06) 356 4562, Fax (06) 356 1797 Email

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