Sunday, 13 April 2014

Winter Hockey Team Lists 2014

Russell Street School Winter Hockey 2014
6 aside
6 aside
6 aside
6 aside
6 aside
6/7 aside
Heidi J Rm3
Jada R Rm8
Abby I Rm6
Isabella L Rm7
Bella I Rm11
Grace C Rm12
Alexander W Rm5
Kate G Rm 10
Zoey T Rm7
Jayde H Rm7
Milania B Rm14
Kobe R Rm12
Riley M Rm5
Akshay A Rm8
Phoebe J Rm7
Sophie I Rm7
Regan T Rm14
Alex B Rm14
Clara O Rm3
Bryah H Rm3
Toby R Rm7
Telaina F Rm7
Kiana P Rm 6
Grace S Rm12
Aaliah R Rm5
Jussa A Rm8
Bailey H Rm6
Emily S Rm6
Max H Rm9
Jade C Rm14
Alessandra B Rm3
Max SI Rm8
Charlotte W Rm6
Ruby M Rm7
Ruby W Rm12
Hunter M Rm 11
Ethan J Rm4
Danika W Rm8
Eva CS Rm7
Mason J Rm7
William G Rm 13
Tobi D Rm11
Sofina F Rm8
Matt L Rm3
Maya L Rm7
Hannah B Rm7
Rosalind S Rm14
Libby S Rm 8
Keira M Rm3
Emma M Rm7

Amy G Rm13

Jeremiah M Rm 8

P:Thursday Lunchtime
P:Thursday Lunchtime
P:Wednesday Lunchtime
P: Thursday Lunchtime
P:Wednesday Lunchtime
P:Tuesday Afterschool

Co-Coach: Vanessa R
Co-Coach: Sarah T

Coach: Richard J
Co-Coach: Shiree A
Co-Coach: Shiree A
Coach: Shiree A
Co-Coach: Kirsty G
Coach: Bryn M
Manager: Wayne C
Manager: Catherine L
Manager: Graeme W
Manager: Catherine L
Co-Coach: Shar D
Manager: Bridget

Winter Hockey starts on the 10th of May and ends on the 13th of September. There are no games on Queens Birthday Weekend 6/7 June and in the July School Holidays 6-20 July. Teams play at Manawaroa Park on Saturday mornings. Shin pads and mouth guards are compulsory and are not supplied by the school.  Hockey sticks can be loaned to players if required.  Uniforms and gear bags will be issued at the beginning of term 2.
This season is 6 a-side with no goalies in all divisions except division 1 which will be 6 a-side plus a goalie.  Division 2 will be 6 a-side with the option of having goalies if both teams agree before the games starts otherwise they play 6 a-side like everyone else.

For more information including draws please check out and If you have any questions please contact Moana on email, txt 0274331594 or come and see me in the sports office by the library.

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