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Flipperball is a junior version of water polo and is played in water where the players can touch the bottom. This competition is open to students in years 4, 5 and 6. Seven players are on the field at one time (including a goalie), though teams usually consist of ten players allowing three subs for half-time. The aim of the game is to get the most goals within the two 10 minute halves. The competition will be a mixed league, though there is no maximum or minimum number of boys and girls on the field at any time.  Flipperball is a non-contact sport and will be run year-round in our indoor heated swimming pools.  

The rules of Flipperball are similar to those of water polo, but adjusted for juniors. There are four key rules to Flipperball –

            One hand only (except for the goalie)
     No contact

·       Swim (not walk) with the ball in hand

·       Players cannot push the ball under the water

Other rules also apply, including

·      Players are only allowed to score goals within the oppositions half of the field (ensuring no team has a bigger advantage if they have older players), and

·       No player can tackle or pull another player around in the water with or without the ball – this is a major foul and the opposition will be allowed a free-pass.

This inter-school Flipperball competition promises to be a great competition throughout 2013 and will be a great way to build team-spirit within your school. The games will be played on Wednesday afternoon’s after school, and will be played in our indoor heated swimming pools. The games will have two 10 minute halves with 5 minutes for half time. Swimming year-round helps children to become confident in the water all the while having fun with their friends and learning a new sport.

For schools that are interested, we are also offering coaching sessions with our referees throughout the term to practice the game and the rules! Teams that have registered for the competition and paid the registration fee will only need to pay an entry fee to the pool, we will then provide pool space and a referee to help with the coaching free of charge (this time needs to be organised in advance)!

To register for this competition, please hand the completed registration form to the reception team for Sanne at the Lido Aquatic Centre to be able to take advantage of our coaching sessions and get your team ready to  go for term three 2013!

Be in quick! Registrations close first week of term – SPACES ARE LIMITED!
For more information, please contact Sanne on 357 2684 or email on

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