Monday, 12 August 2013

Team Photos

Tee Ball
9.10am Cubs – Brent N & Amy P
9.15am Astros – Sally R & Moana L

Touch Rugby
9.20am Under 7 Panthers – Willie A & Shaun W
9.25am Under 9 Pumas – Sha D & Rachelle A
9.30am Under 11 Jaguars – Hayden H & Moana L
9.35am Under 11 Tigers – Tasi T & Rachel L & Angela W

Summer Hockey       
9.40am (Winter Hockey - Eagles – Shiree A)
9.45am Road Runners – Shiree A
9.50am Crows – Leanne F & Shiree A
9.55am Roosters – Debbie B
10am Redwings – Caleb D
10.05am (Winter Hockey - Falcons – Bryn Morton & Bridget M)
10.10am Condors – Bryn & Bridget M
10.15am Harriers – Holly C
10.20am Raptors – Clare & Karl D
10.25am Robins – Clare & Karl D
10.30am Ravens – Tracey M
10.35am (Cricket - Rascals – Tracey M & Brendan H)

Winter Hockey                        
10.40am Phoenix – Richard J
10.45am Hawks – Craig D & Debbie B
10.50am Firebirds – Matt B

10.55pm Badminton Team – Marj F

11.40am (Summer Hockey - Rooks – Sarah T & Hilary B)
11.45am Thunder – Sarah T & Kirsty G
11.50am Blizzards – Debbie W
11.55am Lightning – Kylee W & Nicky B
12noon Storm – Cindy O & Dan G
12.05pm Hurricanes – Sha D
12.10pm Tornados – Moana L & Kelly D

12.15pm Lakers – Venessa S
12.20pm Pistons – Jason M & Tania J
12.25pm (Cricket - Wolves - Jason M & Wendy F)

12.30pm Giants – Ian M & Roy S
12.35pm Hornets – Erin F
12.45pm Magic – Chris K

Inter-School Teams
12.50pm Swimming – James R
12.55pm Cross Country – James R
12.55pm Cross Country – James R
1pm Triathlon – James R

2pm Mathex Team – David R

2.05pm Road Patrol – Jacqui I

2.10pm Ukulele Group – Jennifer

2.20pm School Band – Nic M

2.30pm Kapahaka Group – Rosie P & Nic M

Could all sports children please wear their sports uniforms to school and keep them on all day so they are ready to go for all their photographs.  Some children will have two different uniforms, please wear one and bring the other one with you.  Children who don't have a uniform will be supplied with one on the day.

We welcome all coaches and managers to join their team in the photograph. Please let me know if you can make it.

These times are our best estimates of when the photograph will be taken. Someone will come and collect the children before this time.

Parent Help!
It's going to be a busy day so if you are able to help on the day please let me know.

Moana Lambert
Russell Street School
Out of School Sports Coordinator
txt: 0274331594 or email:

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