Wednesday, 28 August 2013

The Tornados Netball Team

The winners of the division 1 Primary Year 6. They played Te Kawa in the finals and won 23 to 5. Well done girls! We are all very proud of your hard work throughout the season.

Sunday, 25 August 2013

Summer Sports Registrations

Summer Sports Registration
Tee Ball and Softball is played at Colquhoun Park on Saturday Mornings. All ages, boys and girls can play. Year 1,2,3 & 4’s play Tee Ball and year 5 & 6’s play Softball. Tee Ball and Softball is played in terms 4 and 1.
Cricket. All ages, boys and girls can play cricket. The A & B grade (year 5 & 6) season starts on 2nd of November and is played at Manawaroa Park and Papaioea Park on Saturday mornings. The C grade (year 1,2,3,4) season starts on the 29th October and is played at Manawaroa Park at 3.45pm on Tuesdays. Cricket is played in terms 4 and 1.
Summer Hockey is played on the Twin Turfs on Manawaroa Street starting at 4pm, 4.30pm or 5pm.  Year 1,2,3 & 4’s play on Tuesdays and Year 5 & 6’s play on Wednesdays. All ages, boys and girls can play summer hockey and the school has hockey sticks that can be loaned if required. Shin pads and mouth guards are compulsory and are not supplied by the school. Summer Hockey is played in terms 4 and 1.
Touch Rugby is played at Monrad park on Friday afternoons from 4pm to 5.30pm. Every team plays two games each Friday. All ages, girls and boys can play touch rugby. All girls will be accepted but boys will be accepted on a first in first served basis. The season starts on 25th October and ends on 21st of March.
Flipperball and Badminton will also be available later on in the season.  Flipperball will be played in term 4 on Wednesday afternoons at the lido. Badminton is played in term 1 on Thursday afternoons at the B&M Centre.  Please keep an eye out for more information in the TNB.
Date registration received by school office: 
Please circle which sports you would like to play:
Tee Ball $30                             Summer Hockey $40                           Cricket $40                                          Touch Rugby $30
This fee is for the whole summer season which includes term 4 and 1 and includes GST. Russell Street School makes nothing from these fees and any leftover money is used to provide additional equipment for each codes.
Students Name:_________________________________________ RoomNo:_________________________
Date of Birth:_________________ School Year: _________________ Clothing Size: ___________________
Telephone Home:_______________________________ Mobile (for texts): ___________________________
Email:________________________________________________________________________________________Mobile numbers and email addresses are for your sports notifications.  Please only submit numbers and addresses that are checked regularly.
Yes, I’d love to coach a team -
Name: _____________________________________________ Sport: ________________________________
Yes, I’d love to manage a team -
Name: _______________________________________________Sport:_________________________________
Please tick:   m I understand and agree to the uniform borrowing guidelines.
m I understand and agree with the Fair play agreement.
Parents Signature: ________________________________Childs Signature: __________________________
Please return to the office with your payment before: Friday 13th September 2013

Welcome to another great season of sport at Russell Street School. We value the place sport has in the development of our young people and go to great lengths to encourage participation during ‘out of school’ time. It’s important to remember that when you are committing to a team, that commitment is for the whole season. We ask that you read the following, fill out the information at the back of this form and return to school as soon as possible or
Before Friday 13th September 2013 with your sport fees.
Fair Play Guidelines
Fair Play is about encouraging young people to be good sports people. It’s about teaching them to be the best players they can be while having regard for the feelings and efforts of others. In other words ‘ GIVE IT HEAPS, BUT DON’T GET UGLY’. The Fair Play programme helps all those providing and supporting sport for young people to promote a healthy attitude. It aims to make sport safe and fun for everyone. A full copy of the Fair Play agreement can be found on the Russell Street School website.
We will be holding trials where necessary to allocate positions in graded teams.
Coaches and Managers
We have asked for help from parents to Coach or become Team Managers. Training materials are available and support from the Sports Team is always on hand. Experience not necessary. Coaching and managing is lots of fun and very rewarding so please consider taking on one of these roles.
Coaches will need to take practices and referee games (except summer hockey as referee are provided). Coaches are not required to pay sports fees for their child.
Sports uniforms will be issued to children of all sports teams via our library catalogue system. It is important that you understand and agree to the following care and borrowing guidelines:
                  Russell Street school sports uniform is to be worn at weekly sports games or when representing the school only.
                Care labels are followed to ensure the longevity of the garments.
                  More particularly with tracksuits or new uniforms, any loss, significant damage or major discolouration 
will almost certainly result in the replacement cost and/or dry-cleaning of the uniform being met by the family. 

We would like to thank you for your support to coach, manage, transport and cheer on the sideline for all our children. Without your support summer sport would not be possible. Please contact us anytime for any queries or concerns. We hope for a great season.
From The Sports Team, Moana and Ebony.
Moana Lambert . Out of School Sports Coordinator . Russell Street School

Email: . Txt 027 4331 594 .

Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Terrace End Junior Netball

Hi everyone, here is the draw for the rest of the term. I realise that during this time it can get

very cold for the players and the spectators, but it is only an hour and all players are welcome

to wear long sleeve skivvies under their tops and tracksuit pants, as long as their bibs are


 We also have a whanau room that is available to use and spectators are welcome to make

themselves a coffee or tea.


3.30 – 3.55: T.E.S. 1 v R.S.S Blizzards Ct1

3.30 – 3.55: T.E.S. 2 v Parklands Green Ct2

4.00 – 4.25: Parklands yellow v R.S.S. Thunder Ct1


3.30 – 3.55: Parklands Yellow v T.E.S. 1 Ct1

3.30 – 3.55: R.S.S. Thunder v T.E.S. 2 Ct2

4.00 – 4.25: Parklands Green v R.S.S. Blizzards Ct1


3.30 – 3.55: R.S.S. Thunder v Parklands Yellow Ct1

3.30 – 3.55: T.E.S. 1 v Parklands Green Ct2

4.00 – 4.25: T.E.S. 2 v R.S.S. Blizzards Ct1


3.30 – 3.55: R.S.S. Blizzards v T.E.S. 1 Ct1

3.30 – 3.55: R.S.S. Thunder v Parkland Green           Ct2

4.00 – 3.55: T.E.S. 2 v Parklands Yellow                   Ct1


3.30 – 3.55: Parklands Green v R.S.S. Blizzards        Ct1

3.30 – 3.55: T.E.S. 2 v R.S.S. Thunder                       Ct2

4.00 – 4.25: T.E.S. 1 v Parklands Yellow                   Ct1

Monday, 12 August 2013

Team Photos

Tee Ball
9.10am Cubs – Brent N & Amy P
9.15am Astros – Sally R & Moana L

Touch Rugby
9.20am Under 7 Panthers – Willie A & Shaun W
9.25am Under 9 Pumas – Sha D & Rachelle A
9.30am Under 11 Jaguars – Hayden H & Moana L
9.35am Under 11 Tigers – Tasi T & Rachel L & Angela W

Summer Hockey       
9.40am (Winter Hockey - Eagles – Shiree A)
9.45am Road Runners – Shiree A
9.50am Crows – Leanne F & Shiree A
9.55am Roosters – Debbie B
10am Redwings – Caleb D
10.05am (Winter Hockey - Falcons – Bryn Morton & Bridget M)
10.10am Condors – Bryn & Bridget M
10.15am Harriers – Holly C
10.20am Raptors – Clare & Karl D
10.25am Robins – Clare & Karl D
10.30am Ravens – Tracey M
10.35am (Cricket - Rascals – Tracey M & Brendan H)

Winter Hockey                        
10.40am Phoenix – Richard J
10.45am Hawks – Craig D & Debbie B
10.50am Firebirds – Matt B

10.55pm Badminton Team – Marj F

11.40am (Summer Hockey - Rooks – Sarah T & Hilary B)
11.45am Thunder – Sarah T & Kirsty G
11.50am Blizzards – Debbie W
11.55am Lightning – Kylee W & Nicky B
12noon Storm – Cindy O & Dan G
12.05pm Hurricanes – Sha D
12.10pm Tornados – Moana L & Kelly D

12.15pm Lakers – Venessa S
12.20pm Pistons – Jason M & Tania J
12.25pm (Cricket - Wolves - Jason M & Wendy F)

12.30pm Giants – Ian M & Roy S
12.35pm Hornets – Erin F
12.45pm Magic – Chris K

Inter-School Teams
12.50pm Swimming – James R
12.55pm Cross Country – James R
12.55pm Cross Country – James R
1pm Triathlon – James R

2pm Mathex Team – David R

2.05pm Road Patrol – Jacqui I

2.10pm Ukulele Group – Jennifer

2.20pm School Band – Nic M

2.30pm Kapahaka Group – Rosie P & Nic M

Could all sports children please wear their sports uniforms to school and keep them on all day so they are ready to go for all their photographs.  Some children will have two different uniforms, please wear one and bring the other one with you.  Children who don't have a uniform will be supplied with one on the day.

We welcome all coaches and managers to join their team in the photograph. Please let me know if you can make it.

These times are our best estimates of when the photograph will be taken. Someone will come and collect the children before this time.

Parent Help!
It's going to be a busy day so if you are able to help on the day please let me know.

Moana Lambert
Russell Street School
Out of School Sports Coordinator
txt: 0274331594 or email: