Monday, 27 May 2013

Winter Hockey Team 2013

Phoenix D7 6aside
Eagles D7 6aside
Hawks D6 7aside
Firebirds D5 7aside
Falcons D3 7aside
Emily S Rm11
Hannah G Rm?
Jake C Rm11
Luke C Rm5
Lockie M Rm14
Maya L Rm11
Eva C Rm7
Logan B Rm6
Serena A Rm5
Hunter M Rm12
Charlotte W Rm11
Ruby M Rm13
James G Rm?
Nikitah Holly D Rm3
Grace C Rm12
Phoebe J Rm13
Telaina F Rm11
Max H Rm6
Rosalind S Rm5
Kobe R Rm 12
Emma M Rm13
Zoey T Rm13
Devin D Rm6
Grace S Rm5
Liam B Rm 14
Fyfe D Rm7
Sophie I Rm7
Gracie E Rm6
Milania B Rm5
Alex B Rm9
Abby I Rm11
Jayde H Rm?
Kayla W Rm11
William G Rm5
Jade C Rm12
Jada R Rm2
Isabella L Rm7
Kaylana R Rm6
Amy G Rm
Kaitlin L Rm9
Riley M Rm?
Hannah B Rm7
Grace B Rm6

Hali S Rm 9

One spot available

Coach: Richard J
Coach: Shiree A
Coach: Craig D
Coach: Matt B
Coach: Bryn M

Manager: Debbie B
Manager: Kirsty G
Manager: Bridget M
Practice: Wednesday Lunchtime
Practice: Thursday Lunchtime
Practice: Friday Lunchtime
Practice: Thursday Lunchtime
Practice: Wednesday Afterscholol

Winter Hockey starts 11th May.  There is no hockey on the 1st June, 20th July, 27th July and the last game is on the 14th September.  Teams play at Manawaroa Park on Saturday mornings. Shin pads and mouth guards are compulsory and are not supplied by the school.  Hockey sticks can be loaned to players if required.
For more information including draws please check out and
If you have any questions please contact Moana on email or txt 0274331594.

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