Thursday, 18 April 2013

We Need Basketball Coaches

Registrations for Basketball have been fantastic and we are rapt that so many students want to be active and therefore healthy, during the winter.
We have enough registrations for 5 Basketball teams but require parent help with coaching for two of our teams. Coaching requires taking the team for one weekly practice and organising the team and duties on the day. Co-coaching is a great idea to share the responsibilities. No Refereeing is required! The PNBA are supplying us with referees.
Coaching is a lot of fun and an opportunity for parents or any other adult who may be interested, to develop a skill that they can take into other areas of their lives. We have lots of resources at school and the expertise of the Sports Team to assist in anyway we can.
BUT... teams cannot be registered with the sporting organisation unless there is a coach for each team. If a coach is not found by the first day of term 2 then the team will not be registered.
So, parents, grandparents, neighbours, family friends – please get in touch saying that you can put your hands up. 
If you would like to know more, please make contact Moana. We will give you as much support as we can, along with our gratitude.

Netball 2013

Russell Street School Netball Teams 2013

Bella M Rm11
Charlotte M Rm5
Gessica M Rm12
Grace A Rm14  
Zara H Rm13
Maia B Rm9
Millie W Rm12
Ashleigh K Rm14  
Gaby F Rm6
Lili S Rm9
Alexandra G Rm14
Meg P Rm14 6
Atlanta H Rm13
Dean R Rm9
Erin S Rm 9  
Georgia O Rm9  
Tabitha C Rm11
Olivia F Rm5
Amy P Rm12  
Helen R Rm 14  
Quiana R Rm11
Ella O Rm3
Kayleigh F Rm12  
Sophie P Rm9
Riley A Rm6
Charlotte G Rm3
Aroha N Rm9  
Kate W Rm14  
Sophie B Rm13
Sophie W Rm5
Inara L Rm14  
Saffron H Rm14
Jazmine P Rm3
Katelyn B Rm3
Emma D Rm14  
Lily D Rm12

Co-Coach: Kylee W
Co-Coach: Dan G
Coach: Sha D
Coach: Moana L
Co-Coach: Nicky B
Co-Coach: Cindy O
Ref Needed
Ref: Kelly D

Manager: Miriam T
Netball starts on the 11th May with a grading tournament for all teams at the B&M Centre Arena.  There are no games on the 1st June, (8th June for teams who play at the Arena only), 20th July, 27th July and the final game is on the 17th of August.
Please note there will be a game on the 13th July, which is the first Saturday of the school holidays.
After the grading tournament Manawatu Netball will select the top teams to compete in the Primary Year 6 grade at Vautier park on Saturdays at 12pm. Future Ferns Year 3,4 and 5 teams play at the B&M Centre Arena on Saturday mornings.  Primary year 6 games are 4 x 8 minute game and Future Ferns are 4 x 6 minute games.
For more information including draws please check out and
If you have any questions please contact Moana on email or txt 0274331594.

Russell Street School Weetbix tryathlon team

Sunday, 14 April 2013

Summer Sports Assembly

Summer Sports Assembly 2012/2013

Rascals –         Coach: Jason Meyer                          MVP: Jaiden Meyer
                           Manager: Wendy Fraser                  1st in Competition
Wolves -         Coach: Tracey McNeur                     MVP: Sam Parry
                          Referee: Brendan Hannan  

Summer Hockey
Robins            -Coach: Clare Dale                              MVP: Jada Ropitini
                           & Karl Dale
Rooks  -            Coach: Sarah Trask                           MVP: Hannah Bell
                           Manager: Hilary Bell
Road Runners -  Coach: Shiree Harman-Arnold    MVP: Jayde Harman
Crows -           Coach: Leanne Fa’aea                       MVP: Mason Johanson
                          & Shiree Harman-Arnold
Roosters -       Coach: Debbie Bary                          MVP: Quiana Rastick
                           Manager: Melanie Gibson
Redwings -     Coach: Caleb Dahlberg                     MVP: Milania Bedford
                          & Matt Bedford
Condors -       Coach: Bryn & Bridget Morton        MVP: Sam Johanson
Harriers -       Coach: Holly Clapham                       MVP: Nathanael Zhang
Raptors -        Coach: Clare & Karl Dale                  MVP: Tomas Luque
Ravens -         Coach: Tracey McNeur                     MVP: Ella Marshall
                                                                                          1st in Competition

Touch Rugby
Panthers -      Coach: Willie Allen                            MVP: Camden Woodroofe
                         Manager: Shaun Woodroofe
Leopards -      Coach: Willie Tran                           MVP: Sam Ratana
Pumas -          Coach: Sha Durston                          MVP: Keona Chung                                        
                         Manager: Rachelle Adrian   
Jaguars -         Coach: Hayden Halbert                    MVP: Ashleigh Kells
                         Manager: Moana Lambert
Tigers -           Coach: Tasi Tuhuna                          MVP: Reif Solomon
                         Manager: Ange Woolley                   2nd in Competition.

Tee Ball 
Cubs -            Coach: Brent Neilson                         MVP: Jayden Paddison
                        Manager: Amy Paddison
Astros -         Coach: Sally Rasmussen                   MVP: Zavier Puki-Smith
 & Moana Lambert                             1st in Competition
& Ian Macmillan                               

Summer Soccer
RSS                  Coach: Pele Aumua                                    MVP: Maraki Aumua