Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Out of School Sports Policy

Out of School Sports

“Providing opportunities and encouragement for students to participate in sporting activities to develop physical fitness, social skills and sportsmanship.

Sport Teams Registration & Fees
Students and families will be asked to register and pay for their chosen ‘out of school’ sports through school notices sent home and the RSS website.  Payment must be made with the registration or your registration will not be accepted. All fees include GST. RSS makes nothing from these fees and any leftover money is used to provide additional equipment for each codes. No Refunds will be given after the first game of the season. Coaches are required to take practices and referee games and are not requires to pay sports fees for their one child.

Trials will be held when necessary to allocate positions into graded teams. Students will need to have registered and paid for their chosen sport/s to trial for our top teams. Students must attend trials to be legible for the top teams. More than one trial may be necessary. If you are unable the attend for any reason, the sports coordinator must be notified before the trials commence. Selectors will consist of at least a relevant sports coach and a RSS member of staff.  Selectors will be looking for students who show sportsmanship, fitness, development potential and relevant sporting skills. Once the teams have been decided, the list will be displayed on the sports news board and team lists will be sent home with students.  Our A teams are competitive and at important games the coach may field his/her best players. All other teams are participation focused.

Sports uniforms will be issued to children for all sports teams via our library catalogue system. It is important that you understand and agree to the following care and borrowing guidelines:       
RSS sports uniform is to be worn at weekly sports games or when representing the school only. Care labels are followed to ensure the longevity of the garments. More particularly with tracksuits or new uniforms, any loss, significant damage or major discolouration will almost certainly result in the replacement cost and/or dry- cleaning of the uniform being met by the family. It is important to remember that when you are in school uniform you are representing your school and good behaviour is essential. Student are required to wear their uniforms correctly to have a consistent tidy team appearance. No players are to wear bare feet.

Fair Play Guidelines
We greatly appreciate the time and effort you put into coaching and/or managing our sport teams, and we would like to give you as much help and support as we possibly can.  There would be no sports teams without your voluntary help! Fair play involves everyone involved in a sports team, parents, coaches, players, teachers and supporters.  It is important that as coaches and managers we actively model all that ‘Fair play’ encompasses.

Manager’s Tips
Your role is to support the coach.  This may include:
• Sub the children on and off the field of play where appropriate.
• Assist the Coach with the ‘Player of the Day’.  They may want you to choose the winner if they are on the field of play. 
• Help the Coach boost the team’s spirits by writing a small report with the player of the day for the Thursday Notice Board about the week’s game. You could e-mail this to school
• Have fun, be motivated and enthusiastic and the children will be too.

Coaching Tips
• Be positive - give the children lots of positive praise and feedback.
• Encourage all children to participate to their full potential.
• Set boundaries and expectations early. If you need help, please talk to the schools sport coordinator.
• If there is an issue, discuss this fairly with the child or children involved and then follow this up with the parents and the schools sport coordinator immediately.  
• To minimise time when children are inactive by planning lots of quick and short skill-based activities where all children are involved.  (If equipment limits this approach, please speak to the schools sport coordinator).
• Have some sort of player of the day system.  It could be points, certificate, small prize or a public announcement through the school’s newsletter - Thursday Notice Board.
• Boost the team’s spirits by writing a small report for the Thursday Notice Board about the week’s game.  You could e- mail this to school by Wednesday of the following week.
• Be well prepared, planned and organised.  Model the behaviour you expect from the children.
• Have fun, be motivated and enthusiastic and the children will be too.

Fairplay Promise for Players
Good Sport is about having a positive attitude.  Play your part and play fair. To the best of my ability I will:
• Play by the rules and never argue with a referee. Work hard to do my best at practice and the game.
• Be a good sport and recognise good players and good plays by all.
• Remember to thank my coach, supporters, the referee and the opposing team.
• Help others in my team and in the opposition when I can. Don’t put people down or bully them.
• Look neat and smart. At all times have appropriate gear with me e.g. appropriate footwear, drink bottle, hat.
• Inform your coach if you can’t be at a game or practise.

Fairplay Promise for Parents
Good Sport is about having a positive attitude.  As a parent, you set the tone and help make each game a success.  Play your part and play fair. To the best of my ability I will:
• Encourage my own child and their team members in their efforts.
• Insist that my child plays by the rules and principles of fairplay - Be a positive role model.
• Show appreciation to people who volunteer their time so my child can play.
• Respect my child’s and other players’ efforts regardless of winning or losing.
• Make an effort to know the rules of the game and respect these.
• Encourage my child to enjoy the game and encourage respect for the opposition.

Fairplay Promise for Coaches
Good Sport is about having a positive attitude.  As a coach, you set the standards.  Play your part to make each game a success.  Play your part and play fair. To the best of my ability I will:
• Set high personal behaviour standards for myself and never argue with a referee, encourage cheating or foul play.
• Give each player time and attention, at practise and at the game.
• Provide each player with the same opportunities to play in the game.
• Respect players efforts regardless of winning or losing and encourage respect for the opposition.
• Keep winning or losing in perspective with personal challenge and enjoyment.

Fair Play is about encouraging young people to be good sports people. It’s about teaching them to be the best players they can be while having regard for the feelings and efforts of others. In other words  ‘Give it heaps, but don’t get ugly'.  The Fair Play programme helps all those providing and supporting sport for young people to promote a healthy attitude. It aims to make sport safe and fun for everyone.

Breaches of the Fair Play Guidelines
The coach or team manager may deal with, using reasonable means, players who committed minor offenses against the fair play guidelines.  If any major breach or inappropriate behaviour occurs, the school should be notified of the offense. If a player, coach, manager or spectator continues to breach the fair play guidelines, the Head of sport and Principal may stand down or remove the player, coach, manager or spectator from the team/sport after consultation.

Players must turn up for practices and games.  If you are unable to attend, you must inform your coach or manager as soon as possible.  First, a warning will be given to players who do not attend.  The player may then be stood down by the coach or manager.  If this continues the player may be removed from the team after consultation by the Head of Sport and Principal.

Out of School Sports Awards
At the end of the Winter and Summer Season a sport awards assembly will be held. Each team will have one MVP certificate awarded to the player that shows their sportsmanship by abiding by the fair play guidelines and has consistent outstanding sporting talent.  The MVP award will be chosen by both the coach and the team manager.  Consultation with the sports coordinator or head of sport is available if required.